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Bio Angela Lexow is originally from Topeka, Kansas. She graduated from Baker University in 1995 after studying studio art and art history. After graduation, she began working in a downtown Kansas City gallery as an assistant director. Lexow married in 1996 and after several moves, landed in Leavenworth, Kansas. In 2000, she began teaching at the Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth, Kansas. Since then, she has moved back to Topeka, Kansas. Lexow has had shows around Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky and New Mexico. Currently she is represented by Taos Blue in Taos, New Mexico; the Collective Gallery in Topeka, KS; and the Upstage Gallery, also in Topeka. She is a member of the American Gourd Society, and the Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association. Her studio in Studio 831 can be found in the historic NOTO district of North Topeka.

People’s Choice Winner

This piece was in the Horizontal Grandeur show at the Stevens County Historical Museum in Minnesota over the past few months.  I was lucky enough to be voted People’s Choice this year!  1-IMG_0340

I’m back!



Here is the postcard for a show I’m currently in.  (My panting is on the right).  Show runs through December. Be sure to get out and vote for your favorite pair!

No more procrastinating!

I have FINALLY been convinced that my other website needs to be redone.  I have been procrastinating for YEARS and I finally admitted it has to be done.  I have taken the steps to not renew it and now I’m gonna have to do something about it right?!

The main instigator is that I have so many paintings now that need new homes and I also sell a ton of jewelry off my Facebook page (and none yet from Etsy), so why not add a paintings page and a jewelry page and quit paying other people to list it for me when I can sell it myself  from a link on Facebook?  And of course all that stuff mean a Paypal button on the website.

I can DO this right? (with a little help from my pal Pam 😉 Thank you Pam….

Stay tuned, this will probably be a long process for me as I find it painful. Painful but necessary….



Never Enough Time

So I’m falling back into my bad habit of never posting now that the 150 show is up and all the pics have been posted.  Going to try to get 1 week done ….

I (naively) thought that once I got the 150 done I would have plenty of time to work on  -whatever I wanted.  Instead I am finding that because I primarily painted for a year, I am now VERY low on gourd inventory and have to hustle to get caught up.  I have Gallery Walk in the Country here in town coming up on October 6th, and my galleries need new pieces and the holidays are coming and I always participate in some sort of holiday show. GAH!  Oh well – it’s a great “problem” to have!

Also coming up is a group show “Inspirations” at the Classic Bean here in town where an artist pairs up with a photographer and paints their version of the photographer’s photo. I will have 3 pieces in that show.  (If they don’t sell from the 150 show).   Its a really cool show that keeps growing in size. You won’t want to miss it!

Coming up very quickly and what is taking alot of my time now is the Dia de los Muertos Festival. I am on the planning committee and there is LOTS of great stuff coming up in October.  Even a fine art show.  Check out the website for all the events.

I guess that covers my update for today! Have a great weekend!



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last night was the 150 opening and it went even better than I expected!  There was a great turnout and I had SALES which is always great! Thanks again to the Upstage Gallery, all my friends and family who came out and especially Pam Renovato from the Upstage for giving this crazy show idea a try  🙂

Here are images (some are better than others, I apologize) of some that I know sold.  There are a few others that sold too – just need to double check and I will post images later. But this can start off what I hope will be one of several “SOLD” posts!

Asleep in the Poppies


Crop Circles

Day of the Dead Couple

Dissent in the Ranks


Mehndi Flower


Poppy Field

Ray of Light

Reality of Pain

Rebels of the Sacred Heart

Red & Blue Sunset

Red Rose

Red Thread of Fate

Spring Field


The Joker

The Painted Piece #150
This is my palette. Every First Friday someone visits the studio that wants to buy it. I figured what a better way to “end” the 150 than with my palette of dried paint that created all the other paintings?


The Trees Have Secrets

Mark’s Painting
This one wasn’t for sale – it is for my oldest son who loves owls

Mason’s Painting
Also wasn’t for sale – for my youngest who loves Godzilla

Autumnal Sentiment

Night on the Horizon

Sparse Plain







Show Statement

It has been a very busy year. I began preparing for this show in August of 2011. I gave myself 1 year to do 150 paintings- that is an average of 10-12 EVERY month. I have not painted this frequently since college (if I even did then).  Some days it is a major challenge to figure out what to paint next, and other days it’s freeing to have 150 to paint because I can paint pretty much anything and everything that comes into my head. I’ve learned they don’t all have to be masterpieces. It’s about doing the work.  Some paintings in this show are not my favorite, but they are done and got me where I needed to be.

The idea for 150 paintings came from a New Mexico artist who is a daily painter. Every year or so she does a 150 challenge and does 150 paintings in 150 days and they are all $150. I thought I would like to try this someday, but knew I could not do 1 painting every day.  I put the show idea out into the universe and here I am!
This show has reminded me how to be disciplined to work every day, even if I don’t really feel like it. There is always something that can be done – research, image finding, sketching, framing, etc.  Preparing for the show (I believe) improved my painting skills and freed my mind. It also gave a boost to my confidence.  150 pieces is A LOT of work. If you don’t think so, you’d have to walk in my shoes to understand.
In addition to painting this year, I still had gourds to do for galleries, and an annual show in Texas.  I continued to make new jewelry throughout the year. I am part of the planning committee for the Dia de los Muertos Topeka Festival. All these things are on top of being a wife, mother and soccer coach.  So yeah- it’s been a BUSY year.

Thanks to all my family and friends who helped me through this year! I could NOT have gotten here without your help and encouragement, kid-sitting, photos to paint and anything else I may be forgetting. And special thanks to The Upstage for granting me this crazy ride and show!