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Be careful what you wish for! :)

Ok – so again, its been months since I updated… lots of stuff happening!

I put out there into the universe that I would love to try the idea of daily painting with a show deadline to force me to get it done.  And the idea was picked up by a gallery and talked about and altered and I now have a show that opens in 1 YEAR that I have committed to completing 150 paintings for!  AAAA! Thank you Upstage Gallery!  I’m happy and excited but this means I must average 10 paintings a month –  at least.  They will not all by my usual “go big or go home” size. I am sticking to probably 16 x 20 and smaller.  I have completed 3 since August 1!   So far, so good (knock on wood).  I will use anything and everything I painted on or after August 1, 2011.

Another reason agreeing to this show is crazy, is that I agreed to do 4 paintings for the “Inspirations” show at the Classic Bean later this fall. By some miracle, I have also managed to get 3 of the 4 done, with the 4th coming right along. So, I guess if those don’t sell I can use those paintings too – so possibly, there are 4 more toward the 150.  🙂

All this painting on top of needing to do gourd work – I never know when Taos will call.  Also just finished a commission of 4 egg gourds of the 4 seasons.  They will travel to Italy in October – always exciting to have work go to another country.  I have yet another gourd commission to do, and it seems I am always needing to make new jewelry for various galleries.

All this is an amazing “problem” to have and I am just trying to keep all the plates spinning or up in the air or however that phrase goes!   Wish me luck!

P.S. I may try to post pics of the 150 paintings as I get them completed. But, since that is yet another task for me to complete, don’t hold your breath!



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