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People’s Choice Winner

This piece was in the Horizontal Grandeur show at the Stevens County Historical Museum in Minnesota over the past few months.  I was lucky enough to be voted People’s Choice this year!  1-IMG_0340

I’m back!



Here is the postcard for a show I’m currently in.  (My panting is on the right).  Show runs through December. Be sure to get out and vote for your favorite pair!

No more procrastinating!

I have FINALLY been convinced that my other website needs to be redone.  I have been procrastinating for YEARS and I finally admitted it has to be done.  I have taken the steps to not renew it and now I’m gonna have to do something about it right?!

The main instigator is that I have so many paintings now that need new homes and I also sell a ton of jewelry off my Facebook page (and none yet from Etsy), so why not add a paintings page and a jewelry page and quit paying other people to list it for me when I can sell it myself  from a link on Facebook?  And of course all that stuff mean a Paypal button on the website.

I can DO this right? (with a little help from my pal Pam 😉 Thank you Pam….

Stay tuned, this will probably be a long process for me as I find it painful. Painful but necessary….



Never Enough Time

So I’m falling back into my bad habit of never posting now that the 150 show is up and all the pics have been posted.  Going to try to get 1 week done ….

I (naively) thought that once I got the 150 done I would have plenty of time to work on  -whatever I wanted.  Instead I am finding that because I primarily painted for a year, I am now VERY low on gourd inventory and have to hustle to get caught up.  I have Gallery Walk in the Country here in town coming up on October 6th, and my galleries need new pieces and the holidays are coming and I always participate in some sort of holiday show. GAH!  Oh well – it’s a great “problem” to have!

Also coming up is a group show “Inspirations” at the Classic Bean here in town where an artist pairs up with a photographer and paints their version of the photographer’s photo. I will have 3 pieces in that show.  (If they don’t sell from the 150 show).   Its a really cool show that keeps growing in size. You won’t want to miss it!

Coming up very quickly and what is taking alot of my time now is the Dia de los Muertos Festival. I am on the planning committee and there is LOTS of great stuff coming up in October.  Even a fine art show.  Check out the website for all the events.

I guess that covers my update for today! Have a great weekend!



Be careful what you wish for! :)

Ok – so again, its been months since I updated… lots of stuff happening!

I put out there into the universe that I would love to try the idea of daily painting with a show deadline to force me to get it done.  And the idea was picked up by a gallery and talked about and altered and I now have a show that opens in 1 YEAR that I have committed to completing 150 paintings for!  AAAA! Thank you Upstage Gallery!  I’m happy and excited but this means I must average 10 paintings a month –  at least.  They will not all by my usual “go big or go home” size. I am sticking to probably 16 x 20 and smaller.  I have completed 3 since August 1!   So far, so good (knock on wood).  I will use anything and everything I painted on or after August 1, 2011.

Another reason agreeing to this show is crazy, is that I agreed to do 4 paintings for the “Inspirations” show at the Classic Bean later this fall. By some miracle, I have also managed to get 3 of the 4 done, with the 4th coming right along. So, I guess if those don’t sell I can use those paintings too – so possibly, there are 4 more toward the 150.  🙂

All this painting on top of needing to do gourd work – I never know when Taos will call.  Also just finished a commission of 4 egg gourds of the 4 seasons.  They will travel to Italy in October – always exciting to have work go to another country.  I have yet another gourd commission to do, and it seems I am always needing to make new jewelry for various galleries.

All this is an amazing “problem” to have and I am just trying to keep all the plates spinning or up in the air or however that phrase goes!   Wish me luck!

P.S. I may try to post pics of the 150 paintings as I get them completed. But, since that is yet another task for me to complete, don’t hold your breath!



Up and Running

Well, The Eclective is off and running!  A week ago we actually got it all pulled together and had our grand opening!  Between us and 2 other new places in NOTO, we had over 1,000 people come through! It was overwhelming! But exciting – I think things will seriously start to change down there over the summer and next year.  Best part of the opening was that all 6 of us in the Eclective sold pieces!  YEAH!


I have been down in the studio working almost everyday, which honestly, is a new record for me I think. I was a little worried I would not like having all my work out of my house and elsewhere, but I am finding that I feel like I need to get down there to work. And, when I’m there, I am getting a ton done.  I think its because its all right there. No going down the stairs and to the garage to clean out gourds.   While I almost make it to the garage, I get sidetracked by laundry or dishes as I walk through the kitchen and laundry room.  There is no phone ringing or computer to distract me either.  Its great.  I also have enough room in the  new studio to have multiple tables up. Now I have one for gourd work and one for jewelry work and I can leave all my messes out since each medium has its own space.
If you haven’t been down to the Eclective yet, we are at 900 N. Kansas Ave.  Right now we are only scheduled to be open on First Fridays and first Saturday. But, you can always shoot me an email and come visit!

The Eclective: Eclectic Art Showroom & Studios

Wow! So it’s been over a month since I touched this blog.  Bad bad bad!  I could make up lots of excuses like holidays, birthdays, and life in general, but everyone has that stuff don’t they?

But – I’m here now and my latest news is that I am moving my studio from our spare bedroom and garage to a collective studio/showroom space in the NOTO district in Topeka.  If you are not familiar with NOTO, it is an older neighborhood in north Topeka that is getting a face lift as an arts district. Check out the NOTO website at   The building is located at 900 N Kansas Ave and is undergoing some renovations.  We are lucky to have a building in fairly good condition considering it’s age.   Our name will be The Eclective: Eclectic Art Showroom & Studios.  The other artists include Renee Johnson, Pat Abellon, Cora Spencer and Pam Renovato.

I am very excited about the move and the ability to have everything so easily accessible and to not be running up and down the stairs, or sweating/freezing to death in our garage.  And if I’m honest, it will be nice to have an “office” to go to. Although NOTO is a good 10-15 minutes from my house, it will be nice to have somewhere to go away from home and have interactions with people.  Other news is that I have recently purchased a jewelry kiln to make silver clay jewelry and I very excited about starting this new adventure. I will still be doing gourds, and the occasional painting, but my love of jewelry has started to split my time with the gourds lately. I also plan on making some of the beads and elements that I will add to my gourds, which is also something new and different.  So keep watching for my sporadic blog updates (I’m much better about Facebook updates), because I will have pictures and announcements and hopefully all kinds of excitement in the upcoming months.



Obviously our sign is not done yet – We are NOT Kaw Valley Health Products 😉