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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last night was the 150 opening and it went even better than I expected!  There was a great turnout and I had SALES which is always great! Thanks again to the Upstage Gallery, all my friends and family who came out and especially Pam Renovato from the Upstage for giving this crazy show idea a try  🙂

Here are images (some are better than others, I apologize) of some that I know sold.  There are a few others that sold too – just need to double check and I will post images later. But this can start off what I hope will be one of several “SOLD” posts!

Asleep in the Poppies


Crop Circles

Day of the Dead Couple

Dissent in the Ranks


Mehndi Flower


Poppy Field

Ray of Light

Reality of Pain

Rebels of the Sacred Heart

Red & Blue Sunset

Red Rose

Red Thread of Fate

Spring Field


The Joker

The Painted Piece #150
This is my palette. Every First Friday someone visits the studio that wants to buy it. I figured what a better way to “end” the 150 than with my palette of dried paint that created all the other paintings?


The Trees Have Secrets

Mark’s Painting
This one wasn’t for sale – it is for my oldest son who loves owls

Mason’s Painting
Also wasn’t for sale – for my youngest who loves Godzilla

Autumnal Sentiment

Night on the Horizon

Sparse Plain







Show Statement

It has been a very busy year. I began preparing for this show in August of 2011. I gave myself 1 year to do 150 paintings- that is an average of 10-12 EVERY month. I have not painted this frequently since college (if I even did then).  Some days it is a major challenge to figure out what to paint next, and other days it’s freeing to have 150 to paint because I can paint pretty much anything and everything that comes into my head. I’ve learned they don’t all have to be masterpieces. It’s about doing the work.  Some paintings in this show are not my favorite, but they are done and got me where I needed to be.

The idea for 150 paintings came from a New Mexico artist who is a daily painter. Every year or so she does a 150 challenge and does 150 paintings in 150 days and they are all $150. I thought I would like to try this someday, but knew I could not do 1 painting every day.  I put the show idea out into the universe and here I am!
This show has reminded me how to be disciplined to work every day, even if I don’t really feel like it. There is always something that can be done – research, image finding, sketching, framing, etc.  Preparing for the show (I believe) improved my painting skills and freed my mind. It also gave a boost to my confidence.  150 pieces is A LOT of work. If you don’t think so, you’d have to walk in my shoes to understand.
In addition to painting this year, I still had gourds to do for galleries, and an annual show in Texas.  I continued to make new jewelry throughout the year. I am part of the planning committee for the Dia de los Muertos Topeka Festival. All these things are on top of being a wife, mother and soccer coach.  So yeah- it’s been a BUSY year.

Thanks to all my family and friends who helped me through this year! I could NOT have gotten here without your help and encouragement, kid-sitting, photos to paint and anything else I may be forgetting. And special thanks to The Upstage for granting me this crazy ride and show!

2 Weeks Left

So its now only a couple of weeks left till the 150 show opens!  I have completed all the paintings and I am working on all the other stuff- hanging wires, pricing, titles, documenting ALL 150 paintings, etc.  When I get some images taken I will start posting them – I promise!  I also have some commentary on various aspects of the show and I will be posting those over the next couple of weeks too.  If you’ve been following my progress through my barely there posts- THANK YOU!



P.S  I have my own art-dedicated laptop now so I hope to be better about updating this blog and my website in the next few months.



October and November

I have missed updating once again!  But for October and November both  I completed 12 paintings!  The past few months have been all kinds of crazy.  Moving into a new studio, shows for Christmas time and just the general crazy that is my life.   Sometimes it helps fuel the painting and sometimes it just blocks it.   But, I just keep chipping away at it!  I have 46 paintings total now.  On track if I can just keep up the pace.

Getting ready to head to the studio as I type this to start on December’s “quota”.  I have been thinking about doing some collage/painting combos and I think I will start with that. I have several canvases that are less than smooth from repaints or damage, so I’ll be using them. I also have started collecting quotes about life from various sources that I like and I have so many that I may have to find a way to incorporate some of them. But the verdict is still out on that. 🙂

Here’s a couple pieces from the past 2 months




Month 2

So for September I completed 11 paintings.  I’m still on track!   I have decided that I am not going to post every painting I do every month.  I’ll do a 1 or 2 painting tease. 🙂

This month I did alot of landscapes that are done in colors that are abstracted – like a purple sky or red grass, etc.  In the past month I also checked out the Plaza Art Fair in KC and noticed a HUGE amount of art focusing on birds.  And I like birds, but they are all very sweet birds.  I did some birds that are very sweet. And I did some that are not so sweet.    They are kinda walking the line with Halloween, but I just went with it.

This month’s entry is short, but my mind is already on October’s work which is starting with some more meaningful abstracts.    So – until next month



Month One

So, the first month of painting for the 150 is done.  I have to say, this past month has been the most productive month artistically for me – ever.  I completed 3 paintings for a show in Nov/Dec called “Inspirations”, almost done with a fourth.  I cleaned and stained  4 gourds, and finished 4 egg gourd ornaments for a commission.  I completed an altered book for the public library’s altered book show in September, and painted 9 paintings for the 150 show.  I was hoping for 10 but I just couldn’t get the  last one done. I have 3 more paintings started for the 150.  (I will also use any of the 4 paintings for Inspirations that don’t sell toward the 150 since I started them in August.)  So I’m counting that I have 12 completed pieces for the 150 right now. Not bad – I’m on track. 🙂  Please check out “Angela’s 150” paintings to see what I’ve done so far.


“Libro de los Muertos”
Just for fun, the altered book


A little update – I am only showing in Topeka at the Upstage Gallery and the Collective Gallery now.  If there are any pieces you have seen other places and can’t find now, contact me and I would be happy to arrange a time to meet.



Be careful what you wish for! :)

Ok – so again, its been months since I updated… lots of stuff happening!

I put out there into the universe that I would love to try the idea of daily painting with a show deadline to force me to get it done.  And the idea was picked up by a gallery and talked about and altered and I now have a show that opens in 1 YEAR that I have committed to completing 150 paintings for!  AAAA! Thank you Upstage Gallery!  I’m happy and excited but this means I must average 10 paintings a month –  at least.  They will not all by my usual “go big or go home” size. I am sticking to probably 16 x 20 and smaller.  I have completed 3 since August 1!   So far, so good (knock on wood).  I will use anything and everything I painted on or after August 1, 2011.

Another reason agreeing to this show is crazy, is that I agreed to do 4 paintings for the “Inspirations” show at the Classic Bean later this fall. By some miracle, I have also managed to get 3 of the 4 done, with the 4th coming right along. So, I guess if those don’t sell I can use those paintings too – so possibly, there are 4 more toward the 150.  🙂

All this painting on top of needing to do gourd work – I never know when Taos will call.  Also just finished a commission of 4 egg gourds of the 4 seasons.  They will travel to Italy in October – always exciting to have work go to another country.  I have yet another gourd commission to do, and it seems I am always needing to make new jewelry for various galleries.

All this is an amazing “problem” to have and I am just trying to keep all the plates spinning or up in the air or however that phrase goes!   Wish me luck!

P.S. I may try to post pics of the 150 paintings as I get them completed. But, since that is yet another task for me to complete, don’t hold your breath!



Painting on the brain

Busy month!!  I had pieces to finish for Taos and those are off. I  have a show in Kerrville, Texas that opened on the 26th (  I have a new gourd commission to work on, and I’m working on a tattoo design for someone.(!)   I juried a show at the Upstage Gallery in Topeka this month. And another First Friday is around the corner – 3 new paintings will be at the Eclective and probably a new “sculptural” gourd piece.  Plus some new jewelry – always new jewelry…(wow when I type all that out it looks like I have ADHD).




But, what’s been on my mind lately is painting.  I have finished 3 large (2 at 30″x40″ and 1 that is about 5′ x 6′) in the past month.  I started 4 little ones that are really 1 painting.  I also have a show in the fall that I have committed to doing about 3 paintings for.  All of a sudden I want to lock myself away and just paint. Hard to do now that summer vacation has hit for my 2 boys.  I know, I know – let them paint with you!  Sometimes that is great – other times – not so great.  We may have to start painting Jackson Pollack style in the backyard!

I ran across a lady today in New Mexico who is a daily painter.  She makes a finished painting EVERYDAY.   And, she is about to have a show open next week that is 150 paintings done in 150 days that are $150 each. I think this is fascinating.  I would love to try this. Right now, I do not think I could pull this off.  Of course, if I lived in New Mexico, I think I could pull it off easy.  Or that’s what I like to think.  Reality is probably not the same…. This painter averages sizes around 9×12 and smaller.  That would mean I would have to start painting small and I almost never do that. That in itself would be interesting.  Maybe I should try 150 paintings in a year and see what happens?  If I commit to this (don’t hold your breath), you will be the first to know!