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Never Enough Time

So I’m falling back into my bad habit of never posting now that the 150 show is up and all the pics have been posted.  Going to try to get 1 week done ….

I (naively) thought that once I got the 150 done I would have plenty of time to work on  -whatever I wanted.  Instead I am finding that because I primarily painted for a year, I am now VERY low on gourd inventory and have to hustle to get caught up.  I have Gallery Walk in the Country here in town coming up on October 6th, and my galleries need new pieces and the holidays are coming and I always participate in some sort of holiday show. GAH!  Oh well – it’s a great “problem” to have!

Also coming up is a group show “Inspirations” at the Classic Bean here in town where an artist pairs up with a photographer and paints their version of the photographer’s photo. I will have 3 pieces in that show.  (If they don’t sell from the 150 show).   Its a really cool show that keeps growing in size. You won’t want to miss it!

Coming up very quickly and what is taking alot of my time now is the Dia de los Muertos Festival. I am on the planning committee and there is LOTS of great stuff coming up in October.  Even a fine art show.  Check out the website for all the events.

I guess that covers my update for today! Have a great weekend!



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