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No more procrastinating!

I have FINALLY been convinced that my other website needs to be redone.  I have been procrastinating for YEARS and I finally admitted it has to be done.  I have taken the steps to not renew it and now I’m gonna have to do something about it right?!

The main instigator is that I have so many paintings now that need new homes and I also sell a ton of jewelry off my Facebook page (and none yet from Etsy), so why not add a paintings page and a jewelry page and quit paying other people to list it for me when I can sell it myself  from a link on Facebook?  And of course all that stuff mean a Paypal button on the website.

I can DO this right? (with a little help from my pal Pam 😉 Thank you Pam….

Stay tuned, this will probably be a long process for me as I find it painful. Painful but necessary….



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