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Up and Running

Well, The Eclective is off and running!  A week ago we actually got it all pulled together and had our grand opening!  Between us and 2 other new places in NOTO, we had over 1,000 people come through! It was overwhelming! But exciting – I think things will seriously start to change down there over the summer and next year.  Best part of the opening was that all 6 of us in the Eclective sold pieces!  YEAH!


I have been down in the studio working almost everyday, which honestly, is a new record for me I think. I was a little worried I would not like having all my work out of my house and elsewhere, but I am finding that I feel like I need to get down there to work. And, when I’m there, I am getting a ton done.  I think its because its all right there. No going down the stairs and to the garage to clean out gourds.   While I almost make it to the garage, I get sidetracked by laundry or dishes as I walk through the kitchen and laundry room.  There is no phone ringing or computer to distract me either.  Its great.  I also have enough room in the  new studio to have multiple tables up. Now I have one for gourd work and one for jewelry work and I can leave all my messes out since each medium has its own space.
If you haven’t been down to the Eclective yet, we are at 900 N. Kansas Ave.  Right now we are only scheduled to be open on First Fridays and first Saturday. But, you can always shoot me an email and come visit!

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